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Hello there!

If you've stumbled across this site, you've found my download archives :) It's packed with old radio shows, live sets, and guest mixes. Just click the menu button on the left to browse the goodies. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share the love with your friends!

To visit my brand new website, launched in September 2011, visit:

"See you on the dancefloor!"

<3 Kristina Sky

New Download | Kristina Sky Live @ Avalon (GIANT) [05-21-11] (w/ Markus Schulz) - June 23, 2011

May 21st, 2011 goes down as one seriously MASSIVE night in Hollywood @ Avalon with Markus Schulz! He was scheduled for a 3 hour set and ended up giving us 6! On top of that, he even featured 2 hours of the set on his recent Global DJ Broadcast :) Needless to say, it's always an honor playing with him and this party was definitely one for the books! I had an absolutely amazing time w/ everyone there and hope to see you all back for Round 2, Saturday August 20th! Til then, here's the recording of my set from the night.

BONUS INCLUDED: Download Markus' GDJB from June 2nd featuring two hours of his set that night. He even dropped a really sweet shoutout for me at the end :) Thanks Markus!


Please enjoy these downloads & feel free to share with your friends,

<3 KSky

Kristina Sky Live @ Avalon (GIANT) [05-21-11] (w/ Markus Schulz) by KristinaSky

New Download | Kristina Sky Live @ U Trippin' 3D - June 14, 2011

So here's the live recording from my set at U Trippin' 3D in Downtown Los Angeles a few weeks ago. The night started out not so smooth when upon arrival to the venue we realized they didn't have the equipment I needed to play (not cool!) but, after executing a "Plan B" I was at least able to play an hour of my originally scheduled 2 hour set. The crowd was super crazy and it ended up being a night I won't soon forget. I was really looking forward to playing a longer set so for everyone who was there til' the last record dropped when security finally had to shut us down (big ups to him for allowing one last track!), I decided to record an additional 30 min to extend the journey just a little bit longer ;)

Hope you enjoy & please feel free to share with your friends,
<3 KSky

Kristina Sky Live @ U Trippin 3D (Los Angeles, Ca) [05-20-11] by KristinaSky

New Download | Kristina Sky Live @ Fresh Anniversary - April 20, 2011

After a crazy couple of shows with Ferry Corsten in Orange County and Las Vegas, I headed over to play Day Two of Fresh Anniversary at The Historic Fox Theater in Pomona, a venue I used to rave at long before I was ever a DJ! Needless to say it was a real trip to play on that stage! Although I was in the midst of battling pneumonia, it all went away once I saw smiling faces on the dancefloor. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the vibe :)

So here it is! Hope you enjoy and please feel free to share with your friends,

<3 KSky
Kristina Sky Live @ Fresh Anniversary (Fox Theater, Pomona CA) [04-02-11] by KristinaSky

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